Review: ‘Grand Piano’ 5.21.14

Boy was this incredibly disappointing. If you were to have me guess prior to watching the film, given that it was billed as a “suspense thriller” (some even deemed it borderline horror), I probably would have been like “well this has the pedigree to be great”. Given the concept, lead actor Elijah Wood (he’s done some great indie work in recent years), and the type of film genre it falls into. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. It starts out with an interesting enough premise – Elijah Wood is a concert pianist returning to the stage after a 5 year absence to pay homage to a fallen comrade (another pianist) who apparently had died a year earlier. Riddled with performance anxiety as well as stage fright, he promises to pay the ultimate homage, while also trying to get over his own fears. Sounds interesting enough right. But then, over the course of the film, I realized the writers were just trying to make a money off of something we’ve seen numerous offshoots of time and time again. Think ‘Phone Booth’ by way of ‘Saw’. I kept thinking “okay now that was really dumb maybe it’ll redeem itself at the next plot twist”. But it just kept getting more and more unrealistic for the remainder of the duration of the film. This is one, despite how ever many solid reviews you may have saw as I did, that I would advise you to steer clear from. Though I still have faith in Elijah Wood. Regardless of what I actually thought about the movie, at least he’s making some effort to pick what he probably perceives to be more unique and challenging roles. Unlike his co-star, John Cusack, who I’ve pretty much thrown the towel in on.

Grade: D+/C-