Review: ‘Blue Ruin’ 7.23.14

I had been really looking forward to this one. So much so that I made it a point to only look at cumulative scores and grades. Not even a preview. As I wanted to know little to next to nothing about it. As I did for myself I won’t spoil it for you. But literally having just watched the credits role before writing this, I thought I would share my thoughts. It’s a great examination on the true nature of revenge and getting into a person’s psyche. Also it was very bleak in tone and featured some pretty dazzling camerawork. From who I believe is a first time writer/director Jeremy Sauvier. It reminded me a lot of ‘Straw Dogs’, the Sam Peckinpah film with Dustin Hoffman. It hooked me from the start and I was thoroughly engaged and while although I liked the ending and it proved prove to be climactic. It left me with a little something to be desired. Or maybe a better way of putting it is I was hoping for something with just a tad bit more originality. Still, if like me, you’ve read (or in my case saw) so many glowing reviews about the film that it automatically became an absolute must see. I’d certainly recommend it. I’ll be curious to find out what someone else thinks about it so we can compare and contrast one another’s thoughts on it. I do know one thing. I will be following this guy Jeremy Saulnier’s projects from this point forward. Especially if he gravitates towards material like this again.

Grade: B