Review: ‘Free Angela and All Political Prisoners’ 5.19.14

An incredible exploration into one of, if not the most instrumental women of the Civil Rights Movement. Ms. Angela Davis. A movement which, and you may or may not agree, is in my opinion, the single most important movement in the change and progress of American history. This showed the life of Ms.Davis, from her work as a doctorate student in Germany, to her being hired by UCLA in the late 60’s, only to be fired by the government for claiming to be a communist and the controversy that surrounded it. To ultimately what was certainly the most important chapter in her life. Being wrongfully indicted and imprisoned for a crime that took place in a San Francisco courthouse, where because of her political views, she was used by the government as a scapegoat and persecuted for, subsequently being imprisoned for “3” life sentences. The major focus of the movie depicts that trial and all of the events surrounding it. Resulting in one of the biggest people’s victories of that time. Especially because it involved the acquittal of an African American woman. This is one not to miss, especially if you’re a history buff or even have the slightest interest in the Civil Rights Movement.

Grade: B+/A-

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