Review: ‘How To Make Money Selling Drugs’ 6.8.14

Another incredibly insightful glimpse into the US Drug War, except this time with a specific focus on “the game” unlike its more recent companion pieces like ‘The House I Live In’ or ‘Narco Cultura’. This took a rather interesting approach in that it showed you by ways of a caste system (or in the movie they split them up into “levels”, almost like a video game) of how one can become a small-time street corner dealer all the way to owning and operating a drug cartel. At first I thought this was a “pro-drug” documentary, and I felt myself being a little turned off by it. It was almost like a “how to” of becoming a dealer which I found to be a bit of putting but moreover controversial, if seen by the wrong demographic. But then there’s a paradigm shift about two thirds of the way through, in which it starts to focus on the ever flailing (and failing) War Against Drugs, but also goes into great detail with intimate interviews about the decline of some of the interviewees, as a result of having been involved in the game. It’s got some great archival footage mixed with some good interviews with people such as 50-Cent, Marshall Mathers (Eminem), Susan Sarandon, and Rusell Simmons, all of whom have fought in recent years to revoke the “Mandatory Minimum Sentencing” laws, and/or have dealt with a drug problem in their lives. An insightful documentary, and one that you should seek out if you even have a remote interest in the topic. Seeing as every one of our lives have been and are affected by it, in some shape or form.

Grade: B+

One thought on “Review: ‘How To Make Money Selling Drugs’ 6.8.14

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