Review: ‘Noah’ 5.25.14

A great epic saga of the fearless leader who took on his “creator’s” mission of saving the earth admist a storm of monumental proportions. This is Darren Aronofksy in peak form. Not just because it was/is his biggest endeavor yet (a $125 million budget and every dollar well spent). But because it essentially incorporated many if not all of his themes of his previous work, into one big, lavish, undertaking. This is the stuff dreams are made of. Martin Scorcese once said, after making ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’, there are only 2 films a great filmmaker deep down truly wants to make once in the course of their career. Either a war film or a film about the bible. Well, Aronofsky, you finally got what every director wishes for. I found all of the performances, particularly that of Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson being amongst the better of the crop. Crowe I thought was perfect for the role given that he’s aged some in today’s Hollywood climate. Ray Winstone (I’d be hard pressed if you could name me a better character actor) is his usual fine self. Also, Anthony Hopkins, albeit a brief role with little screen time, shows why he can still dazzle and impress us. The cinematography was first rate by Matthew Libateque; who has worked on every single Aronofsky film since ‘Pi’, knows a thing or two about capturing a director’s visual eye, works with a dazzling palette. The “creationism” scene alone of how the earth was formed was nothing short of a visual treat. That, and along with VFX team, put together some of the most stunning computer-generated imagery I’ve seen in as far back as I can remember. There were points were I felt like I was watching it in 3D but I since I actually wasn’t, it made it even that much more impressive. The story itself, while it certainly had its Hollywood elements (kicking it down only a very slight few points), never pandered to the audience and Aronofksy even managed to throw in his penchant for the dark side of mankind. The last thing I’ll say is people are surely going to be let down when they see this on DVD & not the theater. As this was the type of film that almost requires theater viewing. And I’m happy I did. I wouldn’t be surprised if this makes my Honorable Mentions (1-20) at year’s end.

Grade: B

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